Shopping with Bitcoin

Shopping with Bitcoin

BTC Debit Card

The easiest method of shopping with bitcoin is using a BitPay debit card that is linked to your BTC wallet on their app. You add BTC to the wallet like a bank account and each transaction immediately sells some of your BTC on the spot and converts it to USD as you swipe the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Local Businesses

You can find out what local businesses accept Bitcoin as a method of payment using CoinMap.

Online Shopping

Here is a list of online retailers and chain stores that accept Bitcoin payments.

With Purse you can set a 10-33% discount on your Amazon Wish List and will match you to individuals with Amazon gift cards that wish to purchase those items for you in exchange for your Bitcoin. The person with the gift card places the order and receives the Bitcoin once your order has been shipped and you have physically received the items.

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