Step 7

Convert PayPal to Business Account

Convert your PayPal account to a Standard Business account.

    • Select "Payments Standard"

    • Create a business name and add your business information.

    • When selecting the business type you can select any you wish, but to be specific, you can select (Financial Services > Investments - General).

    • Enter your personal information.

    • Select "Online Invoicing"

I have found that if you send someone an actual invoice via PayPal's invoicing system and receive payment for it they green flag your account and it seemingly allows you to fly under the radar undetected from that point on.

If someone you trust is also using this method, you can invoice each other for the same amount and exchange funds possibly covering you and your friend and legitimizing you both as a business in the eyes of PayPal. (Example, you send me an invoice for $100 and I pay it, then I invoice you for $100 and you pay it back.)