Alternative Funding Methods

Purchase BTC with USD

  • BitQuick

    • Via bank deposit

  • BitStamp

  • BitTrex

  • C-CEX

  • CoinMama

    • ~6.15% for credit/debit cards.

  • GDAX (Coinbase)

    • Buying on the exchange allows you to avoid paying Coinbase's fees using the accounts you have linked to Coinbase.

  • Gemini

    • Purchase via wire transfer. Charges no fees for deposits and withdrawals and has no limits.

  • Kraken

    • Purchase via wire transfer for a $10.00 fee per wire. Their limits for a verified account are $25K daily and $200K monthly.

    • Bank of America charges $45 to wire to Kraken.

    • Using Bank of America to send USD to Kraken would cost you $55 in fees so it would only make sense to use this for large transactions.

  • LibertyX

    • 1.5% + seller's fee. Cash only.

  • Poloniex

Purchase BTC with CAD

If you are outside the USA or Canada, select your country to see your options here.

Another method of converting USD to BTC is getting your payroll checks directly deposited to Bitwage where they convert it to BTC and can automatically forward your BTC to Xcoins. Here is a video on how to get setup with Bitwage.

In the continental United States, PayPal offers a debit card that is linked to your balance. Using that card, you can bypassed the bank in the loop, moving your funds directly from PayPal to Coinbase!

Xcoins also offers an affiliate program where you can get a commission on every loan made by your affiliates. It does not affect their profits in any way as it comes from the fee that Xcoins charges the borrower. Click here to get started adding your own affiliates.