Investment Opportunities

Novice (Passive)

  • Buy and Hold (No minimum but the more you hold, the more you gain [or lose] when the exchange rate goes up [or down])

    • The easiest and possibly safest method is to buy and accumulate cryptocurrency and hold it. As the exchange rate continues to rise, so does the value of your holdings. Here's a fun calculator to see how that method works.

  • Masternodes (Minimum investment $85.00 + Hardware Costs)

    • Some cryptocurrencies and tokens allow you to make an income for actively participating in the security of the network by hosting a masternode. This is not mining and does not require a supercomputer and a megawatt of electricity to make a return, just an active internet connection.

  • Personally Managed Diversified Portfolio (Buying and holding with a program to manage redistribution of your holdings)

    • This method gives control of your funds across different exchanges to CoinCube after you select your portfolio of coins you wish to hold. You can re-balance your portfolio as it begins to grow. Shrimpy and HodlBot are other automated re-balancing programs.

  • Smart Mining (Unused mobile device, laptop, or PC + electricity)

    • You can use a smart mining program such as MinerGate that you can install on any device (preferably one you no longer use daily as mining make the device almost unusable as it runs the GPU and CPU at their max speed) to generate a passive income by automatically redirecting your processing power at the most profitable coin at any given time.

Intermediate (Active)

  • Arbitrage (Minimum investment $100 + transaction fees)

    • This tool will help you find exchanges where you can buy a coin for a low price and transfer it to another exchange to sell it for a higher amount.

  • Trading (Minimum investment $100 - exchange charges fee per trade)

    • You can train yourself to trade cryptocurrencies on the many exchanges that are available. You will need to do a lot of research on this and some trial and error before you begin to see results. This is massively time consuming to do all the research necessary to become a day trader and be good at it.

  • ICOs

    • Investing in ICO's has become the new craze. Here is a tool to help you with your research. Here you can find ICO's that are Upcoming, Ongoing, and Completed. It is difficult to invest in ICOs as many are unable to service US customers thanks to the SEC but thankfully, there is an option to select "Jurisdiction" to filter ICO's available to US customers.

Advanced (Technical Knowledge Needed)

  • Automated Trading (Minimum investment $3000 + license cost)

    • This method is not for the faint of heart or the impatient. Much research is necessary and investing a good amount of time to get the program setup is required. Once running, it requires little to no maintenance to generate a passive income. This is my favorite method and the one I have had the most success with. It fills you with pride when the bots of your own creation go out and make gains for you! Here some of the online automated trading programs: CryptoHopper, Quadency, and Kryll.

  • Mining (Minimum investment $500 and up + electricity)

    • You can purchase highly specialized mining equipment to generate an income helping to secure the network of many different coins but the energy cost in most areas of the developed world make it very prohibitive and sometimes people barely break even on the amount they have generated. Over time and with a large amount of devices mining, you could begin to turn a profit especially if you hold onto the coins you are generating and they go up in value.

    • Here is a mining calculator to help you get an idea of the hardware you will need to achieve your desired returns.

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I am not a financial advisor or tax professional. You should always consult with a licensed professional when regarding your financial investments and tax situations. Do your own research into all aspects of your investments and do not invest in something you do not understand. Remember, never invest more than you can afford to lose!