Step 5

Verify ID with Coinbase

Verify your identity with Coinbase to raise your buying limits.

    • Numerous users have reported problems with the ID verification while using Safari browser or mobile browsers. Either use another desktop/laptop browser or use the mobile application if one or the other is giving you trouble.

    • To see what you need to do to get your 7 day limit raised, check here for the milestones Coinbase wants to see from you.

    • You can raise the limit of the credit/debit card payment method to $6,000 a week in 134 days. See spreadsheet below for more details.

    • $6,000 a week minus $225 in Coinbase fees will net you roughly $866.25 in profit after passing through Xcoins.

    • You can use bank transfers and alternative funding methods to grow that to an even higher number if you wish.

    • You can divide the $6,000 weekly limit and purchase $857.14 daily at Coinbase when the credit/debit card method.

    • $857 a day translates to 1-2 loans a day and doesn't flood your PayPal account with spikes of deposits.

    • PayPal tends to freeze accounts with spikes of activity so I suggest the small daily amounts. Going from inactive to receiving large amounts of deposits triggers their system.

Coinbase Milestones