Step 15

Set Lending Limit

Set a lending limit on Xcoins.

    • "Enter the total amount of bitcoin you wish to lend."

    • You can use the lending limit to lend only a certain amount of your BTC holdings.

    • I set this much higher than my holdings in case the value of BTC goes up.

    • Xcoins will ask you to deposit that amount, simply click any link on the top of the page to avoid making that deposit and skip that step.

    • NOTE: If you are a new user with PayPal or do not have much history with them, especially deposits, check the box labeled "Increase the lending volume gradually" as this will limit the lending volume and gradually increase it each week so as not to run into any issues with PayPal.

    • If you wish to lend out your balance as fast as possible and are in good standing with PayPal, uncheck "Increase the lending volume gradually" to remove all lending limits.